• Oppio Caffe – Via delle Terme di Tito 72 – Rome

    The Oppio Caffe is located right next to the Colosseum In Rome Italy. It offers moderately priced food with a great atmosphere and fantastic view of history.

Oppio Caffe Rome

Oppio Caffe Rome


Oppio Caffe has an outside seating with a fantastic view on the Colosseum

Facing the Colosseum, you will find stairs on the left side of the road, right next to the subway station. When you walk up those steps and get to the top, to your right in Via delle Terme di Tito you can find a caffe/restaurant named Oppio Caffe Rome.

This place has a phenomenal view of the Colosseum and Forum from the front patio. The seating is outside as well as inside. The interior has modern furniture with a good design and the place reminds me a little bit of a disco dance floor.

From 5.00PM to 9.00PM Oppio Caffe has an ALL YOU CAN EAT Buffet and one drink for 10.00 euro! You can visit the buffet as many times as you want and one drink of your choice is included. Having an “aperitivo” can be a great way for a cheap eat. The Apero-Buffet is more like finger food such as small Italian “tramezzini”s – white toast bread with ham, cheese or salmon in between, rice, fried vegetables and pasta. You can find locals that come here after work and tourists that just need a rest. Have a look at our buffet pictures!



I would suggest you have a look at the buffet before and if nothing inspires you, you can always order a tasty hamburger (10.00 – 12.00 euro) or a pizza (10.00 euro). The cost of the drinks are a little bit pricy; around 5.00 – 6.00 euro. The service at this place mirrors the slogan “la dolce vita” so it’s better not to be in a rush! Coming here towards the evening has the advantage of you seeing the Colosseum framed by the sunset and that can be quite romantic on your holiday!

Happy Hour sign in the front of the Oppio Caffe

During lunch kids get a free kid’s meal when eating with their parents from 12.00PM-3.00PM.

Oppio Caffe near the Colosseum inside seating in a modern atmosphere

Oppio Caffe can be a worthwhile place to relax for a while after a long morning or afternoon of sightseeing. Sit, have your drink and enjoy the view!

a direct view on the Colosseum



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